Recent Submissions

  • Foundations of Programming for High Performance Computing 

    Moreno Maza, Marc (Libros Digitales, 2015-07-28)
    This course note is an introduction to high performance computing (HPC) on modern desktop computer architectures. The targeted audience is undergraduate students who are not engaged in a computer science program but who ...
  • Pointers Programming and Data Structures 

    Dasgupta, Pallab (Libros Digitales, 2015-07-28)
    This note provides an introduction to pointers in C.It covers the following topics: Address and Value, Locations, Pointer Usage Example, Accessing the Address of a Variable, Pointer Declarations, Pointer Expressions, Passing ...
  • Introducing Ada 95 The Language for a Complex World 

    Barnes, John (Libros Digitales, 2015-07-28)
    This document contains four chapters. Chapter 1 gives the background to the development process including the capture of the requirements from the existing and future user community. Chapter 2 introduces the highlights of ...